UPDATED: 'UFO was huge and glowed orange'

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Monday, 11.45am - DID you spot a glowing orange craft in the sky over Grantham on Saturday night?

Monday, 11.45am - DID you spot a glowing orange craft in the sky over Grantham on Saturday night?Jackie Forbes of Harris Way did.

She went into her back garden at precisely 10.33pm and spotted the UFO in the sky close to the A1.

Jackie, 29, said: "It was travelling at the speed of an aeroplane but it was bigger and orange. Sometimes the planes at night have flashing lights on but this was constant.

"The something else dropped from underneath the plane.

"Afterwards me and my partner just sat there thinking of what it could have been. The only thing we could think was that it was a plane that came apart and crashed.

"But I've been watching the news to see if anything happened on Saturday night and there was nothing."

The UFO was only in the sky for around a minute before it disappeared.

Jackie said: "It was really weird. It definitely wasn't a shooting star or a meteor.

"I think somebody else out there must have seen it."

Two people wrote messages on the Journal's Facebook page saying they also saw something peculiar in the night sky.

Amelia Hewerdine wrote: "Yes, I thought I saw an orange and red ball in the sky over the new houses on Springfield Park about midnight on Saturday night.

"Thought it was a low flying plane to start with."

Frankie Simpson wrote: "I saw three on sunday afternoon, about 6pm. Seriously, and three other people in my garden did too!"

However, another Journal reader contacted the newspaper today with their UFO theory.

They said: "They were Chinese lanterns released at Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir for a friend's wedding."

Did you see the UFO in the Grantham sky? Did you capture footage of the craft or get a picture? Get in touch by e-mailing comment@granthamjournal.co.uk or click here