VIDEO: Car seized in 'boy racer' crackdown

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Monday, 4.30pm - POLICE seized a car on Friday night as part of a crackdown on 'boy racers' in the town centre.

Monday, 4.30pm - POLICE seized a car on Friday night as part of a crackdown on 'boy racers' in the town centre.Grantham Police announced a zero tolerance approach to 'boy racers' in the town centre in June following complaints from members of the public.

The increased surveillance of hot spot areas, including the use of CCTV and unmarked police cars, led to police seizing a green Subaru Impreza from 19-year-old Jamie Finney on Friday night in the Union Street area.

Sergeant Neil Holt said: "We said in the paper that we would have a zero tolerance approach towards anti-social motorists and hopefully this will be the last because people will get the message.

"But we will continue with the zero-tolerance approach until they get the message.

"We don't want to stop people using their vehicles but if they use them in an anti-social manner we will deal with it appropriately."

Police were monitoring the Union Street area on Friday night when they spotted the green Subaru.

The driver of the car had already been given a section 59 order last month, giving him one last chance to drive responsibly.

His car was towed away on a flatbed lorry at 11.30pm.

The driver was reported for motoring offences, including driving without due car and attention.

He paid 117 to recover his car and he could also be fined, have points put on his licence or be disqualified from driving.

Police are looking out for motorists, often driving modified cars, who rev their engines, play loud music and generally cause a disturbance for people living in the area.

Sgt Holt hopes the police action will serve as a warning to other owners of modified cars.

He said: "There was a crowd of so-called 'boy racers' watching the car get towed away.

"There was a few out on Saturday night in Lidl car park- engines off, music turned down and talking and we have no problem with that at all."

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