VIDEO: Something foggy outside Grantham Police Station

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The ‘Fog on the Crime’ day demonstrating the crime prevention technique of ‘fogging’ to members of the public was held yesterday outside Grantham Police Station.

Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor Sally Picker was on hand to give advice about how units emitting a water vapour or ‘fog’ can be used to force burglars out of premises.

Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures

Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures

She explained: “The signage for fogging is a great deterrent in itself, and the fog pushes offenders out because within 10 seconds you can’t see your hand in front of your face.”

“They are not just great for social clubs but businesses like jewellers and schools that have computer suites,” she added.

Fogging units can be stand-alone or linked to an alarm system, and the company ‘Protect’ were also at the day to give demonstrations.

Retired police officer and Protect’s Police Liaison and Insurance Manager, Barry Harper said: “Where these have been installed nothing has been stolen, because they cannot see a thing.”

For more information about fogging and other crime prevention methods, contact Sally Picker at