Grantham Journal letter: Houses don’t come with a right to park

Parking problems in Grantley Street.
Parking problems in Grantley Street.
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When are people going to realise that buying a property with no off-road parking facilities does not entitle them to the sole right to park on the road outside said properties?

So, buying a house in the the town centre entitles the owner to a lifetime of free, town centre parking? I’m afraid not!

I would think that these people would have been aware of potential parking issues when they considered buying a town centre property? So why buy one?

It’s a case of first come, first served. A car tax payer can park wherever he or she wishes on the Queen’s highways and byways, where no restrictions apply.

If Grantley Street residents want their own parking spaces they should have to pay for such privileges.

If I were a resident of Grantley Street or similar, I would be more worried about emergency services access. I have spent many a wait behind refuse lorries trying to get up and down these streets, where vehicles are parked both sides of the road, leaving barely enough room for a domestic car to get through.

I t would be interesting to know how a fire engine or ambulance would manage to get to a property with this parking issue.

Rather than residents-only parking, how about alternate parking on each side of the road to allow easier access for all?

No, because it would mean too many logistical problems with residents’ safety first?

No, ‘I want my car outside my house’ is obviously more important.

Or, ‘I want my cake and eat it’ is more like it.

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