Grantham Journal letter: Is this a case of selective ticketing?



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With reference to parking enforcement officers. I would like to know why certain cars can park in Oxford Street, Grantham, on the single yellow line for a period of time and never get a parking ticket?

I am a resident of Oxford Street and my son has a car. Several times he has had to park on the yellow line as there is no space outside our house, due to people parking their cars in our street all day to either go to work in town or to catch a train and avoid paying for parking.

Do you think it is fair on the residents? The people who live on this road are then getting parking fines (my son up to present has had four parking tickets, the last one was observed by an enforcement officer for five minutes). How long do you get before a ticket is enforced? Surely more than five minutes?

I walk along London Road every afternoon and there are always cars parked on double yellow lines and I return to Oxford Street in the middle of the afternoon. Guess what? Cars are parked on the single yellow line for over an hour - but no parking ticket. It seems to me that it’s one rule for one but not others.

When my son has had to park over the road on a yellow line he seems to always get issued a ticket, but when he’s not there and other cars are parked, the enforcement officers are nowhere in sight.

It seems to me that certain cars get tickets. What do other people think?

J. Towning

Oxford Street