Grantham Journal Letter: Phone app could help report potholes

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As the subject of potholes is rather prominent, I thought that I could make a few suggestions as to a way of improving the reporting process which could aid the manager responsible for repairs.

It will require the council to be bold and innovative but it should not be too difficult to achieve, as the technology exists.

My suggestion is based on the fact that many people have the latest mobile phones and it should not be too difficult to have an app designed which would allow citizens to photograph and send the result to a council computer which would collate the information with GPS co-ordinates, the resulting information would, in my opinion, make life easier for the council staff as they are undoubtably going to be inundated with a vast number of calls.

It will not happen in time to solve the current crisis but if actioned now, perhaps next year, a local technical college or university could be asked to do the software design.

Ken Boyle

Sandcliffe Road, Grantham