Grantham Journal letter: Why are our wishes being ignored

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It is getting more and more difficult to understand the position taken by Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways department regarding the crossing at St Anne’s School on Harrowby Road.

The parents do not want a zebra crossing, the local residents do not want a zebra crossing, the district councillors do not want a zebra crossing, the county councillor does not want a zebra crossing. Most importantly, it would appear the electorate do not want a zebra crossing.

All we want is a crossing patrol person. It has to be cheaper and cause less bother to the local residents. A zebra crossing would be there 24/7, 365 days of the year. It would cause major parking problems for local residents in an already crowded street. The total cost has been fudged over, with figures of £25k to £65k being bandied about. This does not take into account the hassle caused when installing the crossing, nor ongoing maintenance costs.

A crossing patrol person would only be there when the school is open, would not cause any ongoing parking problems to the local residents, and in this age of cost cutting, has got to be cheaper than a zebra crossing.

Is this yet another case of council officers acting against the wishes of elected councillors and the electorate in general? When I first came into local government as a councillor, I promised to try to impose two words into local government, sense and common! It would appear that I may have failed.

Mike Cook

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