BOWLS: Barnstone win Belvoir League trophy

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Barnstone Bowls Club won the annual Belvoir League Presidents’ Trophy fixture on Sunday.

Played at Willoughby Bowls Club, Barnstone took on a combined Presidents team and triumphed by 113 shots to 95.

Results, Barnstone names first: S. Sherriff, G. Taylor and S. Wrate beat C. Nixon, J. O’Donoghue and E. Smith 25-14; J. Hogg, R. Smith and J. Besson beat J. Barker, R. Barker and M. Eurich 25-5; W. Snowdon, N. Drew and J. Parker lost to D. Summerton, R. Holt and M. Smith 14-19; L. Payling, B. Hogg and A. Murray beat I. Cole, K. Bell and J. Tyler 18-16; K. Drew, D. Brown and J. McCandless beat K. Noble, R. Turnbull and R. Payne 18-13; R. Thornton, M. Thornton and P. Franklin lost to A. Stafford, C. Goodley and T. Dennett 13-28.

Grantham League


Dysart Park 38

Grantham 48

Dysart names first – P. Newton, R. Smith and J. Sayer lost to R. Sumner, T. Sumner and N. Smith 11-20; J. McAtter, R. Tupper and B. Veasey lost to K. Whatmore, A. Gostick and Joe Lewis 12-15; C. Goodley, L. Thompson and A. Stafford beat P. Riches, J. Duke and Jay Lewis 15-13.

Coronation Cup

Colsterworth 33

Swayfield 47

Colsterworth names first – C. Crump, K. Atter and C. Atter lost to I. Richardson, J. Huckerby and W. Flowers 10-11; M. Hotchin, V. Wright and B. Grosse lost to M. Sharp, R. Selby and N. Davis 10-17; M. Lyon, K. Atter and M. Needham lost to B. Marston, R. Halsey and T. Harwood 13-19.

Corby Glen 62

Swayfield 49

Corby Glen names first – J. Goodacre, P. Cahill and B. Powles beat M. Sharp, T. Harwood and N. Davis 27-8; M. Wood, G. Osborne and M. Beaton lost to B. Marston, R. Halsey and H. Mumby 12-26; M. Dawson, T. Ray and J. Simpson beat I. Richardson, J. Huckerby and W. Flowers 23-15.

Lincs EBA Fours

Moorlands Railway 43

Grantham 51

J. Asher, T. Asher, Jay Lewis and Joe Lewis won 20-16; T. Sumner, L. Anderson, J. Stanfield and B. Brunton won 15-14; K. Whatmore, J. Duke, N. Smith and N. Orrey won 16-13.

Lincs ASC

St Giles 64

Grantham 46

T. Gostick, D. Rainsford and Jay Lewis won 22-11; H. Orbell, J. Duke and Joe Lewis won 18-16; B. Patten, R. Smith and T. Asher lost 6-37.