Grantham & District Indoor Bowls Club results

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Sencit League

Arnoldfield 67

Grantham 31

Arnoldfield names first: K. Smith, A Curtis, J Hanbury, H Spurling beat J Beardsley, M A Caldwell, G Stafford, S Beardsley 17-10; M Palmer, A Alexander, M Goodchild, B Goodchild beat D Lester, G Gaunt, J Tinkley, M Caldwell 21-8; G Bland, J Gowler, B Marsten, D Gowler beat L Appleyard, D A Lester, D Rainsford, M Appleyard 29-13.

Bottesford 56

Dysart Park 55

Bottesford names first: P Pearson, P Chandler, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost to A Rouse, J Woodward, K Duller, R Dingley 16-19; P Hewitt, M Payne, P Palmer, A Palmer lost to J Waterall, A Collins, L Thompson, F Evans 13-21; R Barnes, C Richardson, R Payne, W Shores beat L Bainbridge, D Holton, A Briggs, I Lord 27-15.

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