‘Let’s sing carols to support Grantham Hospital’

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital

Hospital staff, patients and the people of Grantham will join together to sing carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve in a show of support for Grantham Hospital, if a woman’s Christmas wish comes true.

Maureen Malone is looking for volunteers to help her put on the event outside the hospital, in a bid to show community spirit and boost the morale of hospital staff.

She said: “I know our staff could do with a good boost, plus the patients that are in there. I’d like the community to come together in a non-political, non-denominational singing of festive songs.

“There’s been a lot of sadness around – we’ve found out about our MP Nick Boles having cancer and we’ve just lost Mr Chakrabarti, and I would like to do something positive.”

Maureen plans to approach hospital bosses for permission to hold the event in the hospital car park on Christmas Eve.

** Anyone who would like to volunteer their help is asked to call 07896 892161.