From the page to the stage for Grantham playwright Jessica, 22

Mother, Crone, Maiden
Mother, Crone, Maiden
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A young woman from Grantham has made an impression on the theatre industry, with her first play earning a place on the line-up at Liverpool’s Page to Stage festival.

Playwright Jessica Collett, 22, studied history at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, giving her an extensive knowledge to base her piece on.

Cast read through the script for Mother, Crone, Maiden

Cast read through the script for Mother, Crone, Maiden

The hour-long play is entitled ‘Mother, Crone, Maiden’. It is a historical monologue piece which features three women from the Tudor dynasty – Elizabeth of York, Mary I, and Elizabeth I – and potrays what might have been their emotions during their lives. The play is described as “a raw and introspective look at women who have been through unimaginable horrors all for the sake of ideal and a crown too heavy with conflict to wear”.

Jessica, of London Road, Grantham, was over the moon to learn her play would feature in the writing festival, although she suffered a disappoinment first.

She said: “I was sent an email saying I hadn’t made it, but I’d had some really good critique and I was happy about that. Then I got an email the next day someone had dropped out.

“It’s an amazing opportunity. I was quite surprised I was chosen because 500 people applied.”

The cast is made up of Edwina Lea as Elizabeth of York, Alicia Dillon as Mary I and Charlotte Cumming as Elizabeth I.

They will perform five shows at three different venues during the two-week festival, which begins on September 13. As well as writer, Jessica is producer, and Martin Williams is director.

Jessica said: “I hope to get the show into more festivals and I might even be able to get an agent.

“I’m hoping that now I’ve got this far, it will open some doors.”