American square dancing was a blast!

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“DOSADO” sang the caller, and I obeyed, stepping around my partner.

Grabbing his hand we promenaded in a full circle back to where we started before he swung me round in some fancy dance move.

Having never tried modern American square dancing before I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined the Viking Squares club - so I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to pick up the moves.

I found myself really concentrating on the caller’s next instruction and, before I knew it, the music ended.

Even the most seasoned dancers don’t know what is coming next, as the caller pieces together figures - dance rounties of 64 beats - each called out to music.

Now, that isn’t so bad when you’re dancing at basic level such as I was, but when I sat down to watch the couples dance at mainstream and plus levels, I was gobsmacked. As the caller, and a club founder, Jack Broadhurst called out a stream of instructions, the dancers weaved and twirled in and out in complicated patterns, somehow managing to grab the correct hand in the maelstrom of arms, feet and bodies. It was amazing!

The club, which formed in 1984 and is the only one of its kind in Lincolnshire, has around 40 members who meet at Allington Village Hall every Tuesday. Many of the ladies wear the traditional full hooped skirts and the men matching attire - everyone looked fabulous!

Pete Baker, 65, from Harrowby, told me: “We’ve been coming here for about 20 years. It’s great socially and also a great way to exercise.”

Judy Grummitt added: “Square dancing is guaranteed fun and friendship set to music.

“As with most activities, lessons are necessary to learn the basics, the fun begins the minute you step onto the floor.”

The flourishing social side of the club is very clear, especially when you take a look at the noticeboard in the village hall and see how many additional trips the group has planned.

Give it a try - it really is great fun.

For more information, call Judy on 01400 281497.