Atrium’s black rock grill rocked, as did the home-made chips

Scene Setter : Atrium.
Scene Setter : Atrium.
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THE best thing about the Atrium is the chips!

Home-made, chunky and fabulous, they alone are worth dining out for at the Grantham pub, in High Street.

Of course, there is more to the Atium’s culinary offerings than just chips. Having eaten out there on several occasions, I have never been disappointed.

This week, my starter of choice was nachos, which come with salsa and sour cream - however, not quite enough I felt. And guacamole would have gone down well with it.

The tortillas came with plenty of melted cheese, gaining a thumbs-up from me for that alone. The dish was quite large, making it perfect for sharing.

For the main, I chose the fillet steak from the specials board, which came on the Atrium’s famous black rock grill. The meat is brought out raw on a slab of marble, enabling the diner to cook it themselves to just how they like it - medium in my case.

The piece of meat was of great quality, and was tender and tasty when cooked.

It was accompanied by the lovely home-made chips which I may have raved on about already, and roasted vegetables.

This is where the meal fell short. I’m a big believer in presentation, and unfortunately the veg looked as though it had seen better days. There was aubergines, onions, celery and more, all of which was pale and all of which had a rubbery texture. On the positive side, it tasted OK but I did leave most of it, as did my partner.

All the tables in the dining area were candle-lit which was a nice touch, and pop music played in the background.

The atmosphere was very much a bar atmosphere, which is expected, and the Atrium hasn’t tried to make it anything other. It’s a relaxed place to eat out with friends, but not somewhere you take someone for a romantic evening out.

The menu is down to earth and simple, but it works. I’ve previously had smothered chicken and the chicken and bacon burger, both of which were delicious.

Desserts on the menu are also simple, and I opted for sticky toffee pudding and ice cream.

It was spot on.

The ice cream was vanilla-flavoured and very creamy, while the sponge was moist and really tasty. Had I not been so full I would have ordered seconds!

All throughout the guy who served us was friendly and paid attention. He soon cleared our plates when we had finished a course, checking each time that we were happy.

All in all, the Atrium gets a big-thumbs up. The black rock grill is something a bit different, the food isn’t from frozen packs, and the service is very good.

It deserves its four-stars.


By Marie Baker