Don’t miss the annual fire brigade firework display

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REMEMBER, remember the fifth of November is a day to head to Grantham’s biggest and best firework display.

This year’s spectacular will again be held in Belton Lane, Great Gonerby.

Organiser Mick Eldred said he hopes lots of Grantham families go along to enjoy the firework fun, music and rides.

He added: “We work really hard to put this on for Grantham people every year and it’s great that it is so well supported.

“Come along, have a good time and see some fantastic fireworks.”

Visitors to last year’s big event might remember the mud and the pushing of cars through it at the end of the night. Mick said extra precautions will be taken this year to avoid a repeat of the problems.

Gates open at 5.30pm, the bonfire will be lit at 7pm and the display will begin at 7.30pm.

Entry is £4, children under seven get in free.

Lincolnshire Fire Aid and Fire and Rescue puts the event on each year not only for the town’s enjoyment but also to keep people safe. Anyone planning to hold their own bonfires and displays this year are encouraged to seek advice. Government advice is available at