Entertained but not wowed by Discworld on stage

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Going Postal by Grantham Dramatic Society

READING the prologue for Going Postal, I was promised “excitement, entertainment and lots of laughs” – and the Grantham Dramatic Society did deliver.

Although not wowed by their latest show at the Guildhall, I was certainly entertained, although it did take a while to get going. But when it did, it drew you in and the cast had me and the rest of the audience laughing away at times. I’ve reviewed a number of the society’s productions, and am always pleased to see some familiar faces who always entertain. One such face belongs to Chris Dakin, a regular leading man who plays Moist von Lipwig. He shows a real confidence on stage and his lines are always read in an easy manner which gives his character realism.

The story, based on a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, follows von Lipwig as he transforms from a deceitful conman into a respected Postmaster General – against his own will. He falls for the slightly brash Adora Belle Dearheart, played by Angharad Gruffydd-Payne. A bad start of dropping her cigarette early on was ignored and she carried on like a true professional. She played a good leading lady and chemistry was clear between her and Chris.

The award for best comedy performance has to go to Rupert Tyrer. Applause was at its loudest after his appearances as Igor and Mad Al. His mad gestures as Igor were hilarious, and although it was difficult to understand a word of his crazy babbling as Mad Al, his antics, and the dancing we were not meant to see in between scenes, were very funny!

The entire cast did a great job, especially Kay Haw as Lord Vetinari. She really looked the part with her wig and goatee, and gave a convincing portrayal of the mysterious character.

Meanwhile, Kevin O’Neill and Mark Brown were a great double act as Tolliver Groat and Stanley, two larger than life postmen.

Keeping the story flowing is key to any production, but sadly the long periods of darkness between the scenes seemed to last an age. As soon as you start to wander what’s taking so long, your mind is snatched from the story and so the audience’s captivation is stilted.

That said, I really enjoyed the production – and I look forward to seeing Rupert again next time!

l Catch Going Postal at Grantham’s Guildhall Arts Centre tonight (Friday) and tomorrow at 7.30pm. Tickets, at £9 (£8), are available at the box office on 01476 406158 or by visiting www.guildhallartscentre.com