Grandad passes away the day his 109th grandchild is born

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TRIBUTES have been paid to a loving family man who died on the day his 109th grandchild was born.

Ted Leeson, 92, passed away on February 16 after a short illness.

His daughter Paula Dickenson said he was really happy to hear about the latest addition to the family that morning.

She said: “He was a family man right through to the end. He was very proud of his family.”

Ted Leeson was featured in the Journal in December 2009 for his impressive family - his 104th grandchild was due on Christmas Day.

Although there are no records for having the most amount of grandchildren, after the story Ted was featured in publications as far away as Germany. And the proud grandfather loved the attention.

Ted never planned to have a big family but his late wife May always wanted 10 children.

The couple, who were both from big families themselves, ended up with nine children that they raised in a four-bedroom house in Shakespeare Avenue, Grantham.

Paula, who was their fifth child, said: “My dad was a provider. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.”

Ted, who grew up in Ropsley, was a keen sportsman and piano player. He served in the army, receiving seven medals, and after that worked at many firms around Grantham including Ruston and Hornsby and Aveling Barford. Sometimes he even worked two jobs to provide for his family.

Paula said: “He did so much for us. He was a very good man.”

Paula said that Ted’s kindness and hard-working attitude are what earned him the respect of the whole family. She said many of the grandchildren want to grow up to be just like him.

One of his grandsons, Lewis Leeson, has a plan of how to be like Ted. He said: “I’m going to work hard, smile more than cry and look people in the eye. I’m trying to be as good a man as my grandad - the best man I have ever known.”

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