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BRITAIN’S most knowledgeable teenage motor enthusiast, Fraser Lucas, takes a look at the Hyundai I10.


Indeed like nearly all city cars, the I10 looks cool and quirky but unlike most city cars, the I10 has a certain charm to it which gives it a likeable character. The I10 is big leap forward in Korean car styling.


Like most cars in its class, the I10 is a real city runabout. It’s nippy and very chuckable. There are two engines, starting with a 1.0 litre which inspite of it being a petrol, can do a very respectable 67.3 mpg making the I10 one of the most economical petrol cars on sale. The other one is a 1.2 with 84 bhp which gives it a bit more kick yet gives an impressive 61.4 mpg.


Even thought it’s the size of a flea, the I10 has quite a roomy cabin.

There’s a surprising amount of leg room, the boot is reasonable sized and cabin quality is well up to scratch. This all shows that the I10 is still a competitive car.


Prices for the 1.2 will be from around £8195 to £9345 while the economical 1.0 litre engine will cost from £9195. Most models have plenty of standard kit like alloy wheels, electric windows and air conditioning.


The I10 was already a good car; this facelift makes it even better.

Not only is it nimble and fun to drive, it’s also safe, well built, cheap and strangely, for a car of its size, practical. The I10 is a tough car to rival.