FRASER’S MOTORWORLD: Looking at the Audi A7

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THIS fortnight, Fraser Lucas checks out the Audi A7.


Most Audis usually used to look very similar to each other but over the years they have become more individual and the A7 is probably the most ‘out there’ of them all. It has a sleek four-door coupe design which gives it an elegant appearance and its swept-back front end further complements its looks.


Handling wise, the A7 is more of a sports coupe than a four-door saloon. It has sharp steering, the ride is soft and with four-wheel drive there’s lots of grip so there’s plenty of stability. Engines offered are 2.8 litre petrol with 201 bhp and a 3.0 litre petrol with 296 bhp. There’s also a range of 3.0 litre diesels which are amazingly economical since they can do up to 53.5 mpg.


Because its boot opens like a hatchback, it offers a lot more versatility than its competitors and in spite of its low roof line, it actually offers quite a bit of room. Because it’s an Audi, the A7 has one of the finest built interiors in motoring.


3.0 litre diesel prices will start at £43,755 while mid-range models will cost from £45,545 to £48,000. The 3.0 litre petrol will be costed at £48,070 to £49,860 while the 2.8 litre petrol shall be priced at £46,220 to £47,010.


Although expensive, the A7 is, however, considerably cheaper than most rival cars and yet has plenty of space, economical engines to choose from and is great to drive. The A7 is truly an excellent car in its own right.