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TEENAGE car reviewer Fraser Lucas, 15, from Bingham, checks out the Mercedes CLS.


Not only does the new CLS look sharp, and as elegant as the outgoing model, it also has a more refined look which makes it a lot prettier than its predecessor and its rivals.


Like the old car, the CLS is joyous and rewarding to drive and like all Mercedes it has a ride smoother than ironed silk underpants. Petrol engines will start with a 3.5 litre V6 with 306 bhp. Above that is a twin turbo charged 4.7 litre V8 with 435 bhp but if you want some real fireworks there’s the AMG version with an all new twin turbo charged

5.5 litre V8 and sound smashing 571 bhp - enough to make a rock concert seem as loud as a closed library. When it comes to diesels however, things get greener and less powerful. Engines will start with a 4 cylinder engine with 204 bhp but can return 54.3 mpg while up the range there’s a V6 which can do up to 46.3 mpg.


In spite of it being a sleek, low-down, four-door saloon, the CLS has a surprising amount of head room. When it comes to cabin quality you will feel you are in a five-star hotel instead of a car.


Diesel prices will start at £46,355 while mid range models will cost from £49,350 to £49, 988. Petrol prices will be slightly higher starting at £49,988. Higher models will start at £52,983 to £61,790 and as or the AMG version, it’ll set you back £80,609.


Although expensive, the CLS is worth every penny.It looks elegant, it’s great to drive and is surprisingly economical.