FRASER’S MOTORWORLD: The teen looks at the Citroen C4

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TEENAGE car reviewer Fraser Lucas, 15, from Bingham, looks at the Citroen C4.


Like the old C4, the new one still retains its sharp looks. It’s also quite elegant and sporty. It really is, for family car, quite striking which gives it a distinctive appearance.


It has considerable road manners compared to other cars in its class.

It has a lovely ride, there’s little road noise and it’s even nice to drive. Engines start with a 1.4 with 95 bhp along with a 1.6 with 91-

155 bhp. There is also a 2.0 litre engine with 150 bhp.


Because it’s bigger than the old car, there’s now more leg room, head

room and a bigger boot. The new C4 is not only stylish but also



The 1.4 will cost from £15,595 to £16,895 while the 1.6 will cost from

£16,995 to £21,095 and the 2.0 litre engine will be priced at £21,495.


The new C4 is a leader in its class. It’s versatile, it drives well

and it looks brilliant. If Santa wants to trade his sleigh for

something new, then this should be what he’s looking for.

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews this year and that you will enjoy

them the next. Happy Christmas and have a Happy New Year.