From dull to dazzling in just 15 months

Trish Hughs and her Garden, Huntlea Avenue. 662B
Trish Hughs and her Garden, Huntlea Avenue. 662B
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TRISH Hughes has shown the Journal how she didn’t waste any time on giving her Grantham garden an overhaul.

Having moved into her house in Hunt Lea Avenue 15 months ago, she has completely transformed both the front and back gardens.

Looking out over her front garden, she said: “It’s got history.

Before she and her husband moved in, the front garden was a grey and dull collection of stones and gravel.

She shared some previous pictures of the areas before she got to work and the transformation is incredible.

Now the front garden is an area of grass with a radiant flower bed full of fresh flowers.

She and her husband have completely converted what used to be there before.

The back garden is a large patio area with a strip of bright flowers bursting down the side.

She said: “I always like to twiddle about in the garden.”

Trish puts time aside every day for her well-kept garden. She said: “There’s always something going on.”

Since retiring she is able to spend more time on keeping the garden in perfect condition.

The garden shows how hours of commitment and hard work really have paid off.

Photo: 662B