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Memory Lane: Grantham karate instructor breaks world record

A karate instructor smashed his way into the record books in 1996.

Senpai Kalpesh Diyar, also known as Bruce, equalled the world record of breaking 10 concrete edging slabs with the palm of his hand in 1996.

The second dan black belt was also blindfolded the whole time, which made the record-breaking moment even more unique.

Senpai Kalpesh Diyar and the 10 concrete slabs he broke with his hand in 1996.
Senpai Kalpesh Diyar and the 10 concrete slabs he broke with his hand in 1996.

Mr Diyar, who was a specialist in the art of Tamershiwari, or breaking, said: “I wanted to do something special to mark the start of a new club in Grantham.

“Being blindfolded makes it a lot harder because you have to focus on the right pressure point.”

The Grantham Karate Kyokushinkai Club opened in 1996, and Mr Diyar was the chief instructed, assisted by Liz Marvin.

50 years ago – Bid made by players to double subscriptions

A drama group decided to double its subscriptions in 1973.

The Ermine Players held an annual meeting where they discussed doubling the membership subscriptions and organising money raising events.

This was told to be necessary to get new scenery and permanent footlights. treasurer Mr T. Cawthorne reported that the accounts were in a “sound condition”, but they had increased even more due to some very generous donations.

The secretary, Mrs F. Skellern, said the job of finding plays and reading through so many was a heavy role to take on.

The majority of members said they were willing to take acting parts in the play.

Others would continue in roles backstage.

10 years ago – King’s school boys come third in Toyota cart race

King’s School pupils raced an environmentally friendly cart and achieved third place in a competition run by Toyota in 2013.

The Toyota STEM Challenge invited schools to design and build an environmentally friendly model vehicle and apply knowledge and understanding from a wide range of curriculum subjects.

Mr Hirst, DT teacher, took William and Charles Cooper and Charlie Benton to the Toyota factory in Derby to take part in the STEMChallenge 2013.

Having come fourth out of 365 schools in 2012, in 2013, the boys came third out of 420 schools in the Midlands region.

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