MOTORING: Little Vauxhall is Europe’s most reliable car

Vauxhall Agila. Photo: PA
Vauxhall Agila. Photo: PA
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Whichever car you’d guess is Europe’s most reliable, it probably wouldn’t be the Vauxhall Agila – and yet a Warranty Direct survey suggests exactly that.

A survey of the numbers, types and costs of faults in European-made car models from EU-based brands has shown that the Agila has fewer failures than any other.

Its Warranty Direct ‘Average Reliability Index’ score of nine, where lowest is best, beat the Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 into second and third places with scores of 18 and 20 respectively. The Agila’s faults are few and far between, as well as being cheap to fix.

At the opposite end of the scale is Audi’s RS6, with a frightening score of 1,123. It was most likely to suffer costly axle or suspension damage, according to Warranty Direct’s data.

While the aftermarket warranty firm calls the small Vauxhall ‘British’, it is technically a re-badged Opel built in Hungary, which in turn is the fruit of a platform-sharing enterprise with Suzuki.

Warranty Direct managing director David Gerrans, said: “It’s good to see a British manufacturer at the top of the table, especially at a time when Britain’s automotive industry is flying high.

“Our data also highlights that Swedish, Czech, Spanish and French car makers are all more reliable than their often celebrated German counterparts, which will surprise some consumers, who may still assume that German cars are the most durable.”

The study included 50,000 live policies and rated each model on frequency of failures, cost and duration of repairs and average age and mileage.