MOTORING: Man builds 190mph ‘Zonda’ from scrap!

Replica Pagani Zonda built from scrap parts bought on eBay. Photo: Press Association
Replica Pagani Zonda built from scrap parts bought on eBay. Photo: Press Association
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Believe it or not, this isn’t a £750,000 Pagani Zonda. It’s a replica built almost entirely from parts bought on eBay.

Nick Truman, a true car enthusiast who already owns a vintage Ferrari, chanced upon a used Jaguar V12 engine on the auction site for just £89 four years ago, and promised to build something ‘exotic and a bit insane’ around it.

He set out on an eBay mission to create this absolute monster, and amazingly Horatio Pagani himself gave his blessing for Nick to do it. Every single part aside from the chassis metal was sourced on eBay, from scrapped donor cars including a 1991 Audi V8 Quattro and even a 1993 Ford Scorpio.

Although it’s (obviously) not road legal, Nick estimates a 0-60mph sprint time of less than three seconds, along with a 190mph top speed; two claims he’ll have the chance to prove when the faux Zonda gets on to the track next year.

Initially, the car had been exported to Bahrain, where Nick lived for a time. After putting it to use as a track-day special, the old Jaguar V12 blew up, and has since been replaced with a more reliable Audi V8.

Fans of the amazing build, which was broadcast in video snippets on YouTube, have travelled huge distances to see the car up close.

Rumour has it that Top Gear’s Richard Hammond is an admirer, and has asked Nick to get in touch when the car is finished. Fodder for a future episode of the show, perhaps?

Nick said: “Cars are, and have always been, my passion and I hope my story inspires more people to use marketplaces like eBay and get more creative.”

eBay spokesperson Steven Heywood said: “It’s amazing when people contact us with stories like this. Nick has created something really incredible and has shown how to make the most of the world’s largest online car parts marketplace.”