MOTORING: New Jaguar revealed in ‘high wire’ stunt

2015 Jaguar XF. Photo: PA
2015 Jaguar XF. Photo: PA
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Jaguar’s highly anticipated second-generation XF has been revealed during a dramatic ‘high-wire’ water crossing in the heart of London’s business district.

In a bid to demonstrate the car’s lightweight construction, the British luxury car maker hired expert British stunt man Jim Dowdall – veteran of Hollywood movies including Bond, Bourne and Indiana Jones – to drive the all-new Jaguar XF 240 metres across a high-wire.

The stunt took place high over the Royal Dock in London’s Canary Wharf.

Jaguar says its new XF is 80kg lighter than its closest competitor, resulting in best-in-class efficiency (over 70mpg) and CO2 (104g/km).

Next month will see the public debut of the new XF, however Jaguar is already boasting of class-busting refinement and driving dynamics plus a raft of new technology to both entertain and keep occupants safe.

Following in the footsteps of the firm’s flagship XJ, construction of the new XF utilises a considerable amount of lightweight aluminium.

And although a little shorter and wider than its predecessor, this XF offers rear seat passengers more head and legroom.

The XF also benefits from Jaguar’s all-new range of engines.

The firm’s in-house designed and built units promise low CO2 and fuel consumption, with the range including company car-friendly diesels and high power petrol V6 motors.