MOTORWORLD: Fraser reviews the Chevrolet Orlando

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FRASER Lucas, 14, from Bingham, reviews the Chevrolet Orlando.


Many MPVs have never really looked good, but there have been a few exceptions over the years and the Orlando is one of them. It is actually quite a handsome car. It’s sporty and rugged and the sort of car you would turn your head to see. In some ways it’s more interesting to look at than some sports cars.


Not only does the Orlando look sporty but it’s also sporty to drive.

The steering is responsive, the ride is pleasant and it’s quiet.

Engines start with a 1.8 litre petrol. There is also a 2.0 litre diesel with power ranging from 130 bhp to 163 bhp and it runs quite smoothly. There’s little noise and it’s got plenty of grunt.


It has more space than a Disneyland theme park. It has very versatile seats, there’s plenty of headroom and not only does it have vast space, it’s also well equipped with very well laid out controls.


1.8 petrol prices start at £16,395 and will go up to £18,195 while the 2.0 litre diesel will cost from £17,645 to £25,195.


With its spacious interior, good engines, interesting looks and

reasonable prices, the Orlando will surely give its rivals something to

worry about.