Bytham won cricket competition - but the beer was ruined!

The cricketers get stuck into their beer at Boothby Pagnall.
The cricketers get stuck into their beer at Boothby Pagnall.
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You slog all day to win a barrel of beer - then a Journal photographer comes along and ruins it!

We’ve all been there but Pete Kiely has the photograph to prove it.

Mr Kiely of Swinstead was playing for Bytham in a cricket six-a-side at Boothby Pagnall. The competition started at 9am and his team had finally secured the win at 6pm.

Mr Kiely said: “The competition was always played for a nine-gallon barrel of beer. I’m not a beer expert but the one thing you’re not supposed to do with a beer barrel is shake it up and swill it around.

“We held off opening it until the Journal photographer arrived but he was running late - which is why we’d all got changed out of our whites for the picture. He insisted on us getting into a particular position but afterwards the beer was all shaken up and cloudy - it tasted awful!”

The year was 1955 and pictured are Tony Fenn, Pete Kiely, Cliff Fenn, Sammy Stead, George Scott (umpire), Joe Kiely, Sid Elsom, Alec Beecroft and the second umpire.

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