Can you help with a family tree?

Do you recognise any of those pictured?
Do you recognise any of those pictured?
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KIWI Patricia Wolfenden popped into the Journal office last week as she seeks to uncover a missing link in her family tree.

Patricia, of Ashhurst, New Zealand, has traced her grandmother, Thirza Asher (standing on the right with a gentleman believed to be Frederick Asher), to Croxton Kerrial.

Patricia was given the photo by her mother before her death and she suspects it may show a dozen as yet unknown members of her family.

She said: “I have been doing my family tree for the past five years.

“My grandmother came from Croxton Kerrial but moved to New Zealand as a war bride with my grandfather who was a Kiwi based at an army base just outside Grantham.

“They were married at St Anne’s church in 1919 and then came to New Zealand. Unfortunately she did not live very long - she was only 38 when she died.

“I’m hoping to find out who the other people are. Are they members of her family?”

Patricia believes there is even a chance the children pictured in the foreground may still be alive today.

If you believe you may be able to help Patricia, you can write to her at 43 North Street, Ashhurst 4810, New Zealand, or e-mail: