Family looking for history of the popular 1920s Ivy Leaf Band

Do you have any information on the Oakham Ivy Leaf Band?
Do you have any information on the Oakham Ivy Leaf Band?
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CAN you provide any more information about this band to help people researching their family tree?

John Barron got in touch this week to ask Memory Lane readers if they can provide any information on the Oakham Ivy Leaf Band who were highly popular in the Grantham area after the First World War.

The photograph was taken in 1924 but Mr Barron and his family came across it in a Journal Memory Lane in August, 1982.

Mr Barron said: “The article was written about the Ivy Leaf Band in Oakham and carried the banner headline “A tennis ball caused George’s backfire”.

The picture was entitled “An Oakham Picture From the Frisky Past” and had been taken in 1924.

“My wife’s great-grandfather, Bill Hutchinson, was the bandmaster (centre, wearing a bowler hat) and was head woodsman at Burley House.”

Mr Barron says the family would love to know a little about the band and any other relevant information about the picture.

Back row (from left) - Fred Brewin, Alf Dawson, Jack Hibbett, Albert Rawlings, Ted Palmer, Philip Jarvis, Jackie Taylor; front row - George Briggs, Frank Dawson, Bill Taylor, Bill Hutchinson, Ted Pulley, Charlie Cutforth, Alf Taylor, Philip Jarvis.