Is this the first Harrowby United Football Club line-up?

Harrowby UTD Team Pic.
Harrowby UTD Team Pic.
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It was while digging around in a box of Diecast model cars belonging to his late brother that Keith Smith came across this old photo featuring his grandad.

The picture shows the 1957-58 Harrowby United Football Club team, which Mr Smith, 57, believes to be the very first line-up. Seated behind three impressive trophies, the team had clearly been doing well.

Mr Smith, of Shakespeare Avenue in Grantham, recognised his grandad, Tom Fendley (back row, second from right), but recognised few of the other men pictured. He believes the men in suits to the front, right, went by the surname Reddish and that the man seated front, left, is a former Mayor of Grantham.

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