Lads won first trophy for the Grass-track Car-racing Club

The Gordon Smalley Cup winners in 1966.
The Gordon Smalley Cup winners in 1966.
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These petrolheads were pictured in 1966.

We’re grateful to Mrs Dunleavy for sending the photograph in which features her late husband John Dunleavy.

She recalls: “This was before we were married. We married in 1968 and he was still doing it then.

“They had a team together and I think they used to have an old Jag at one point which belonged to someone in Harlaxton.

“Lots of people used to go and watch them.”

Mrs Dunleavy has a large version of the photograph at her home in Dudley Road. She said: “John was a driver as well. The times he used to tip it over just for fun was unbelievable!”

They featured in the Journal after a grass-track car racing meeting at Rauceby, when Alan Bainbridge, behind the wheel, won the Gordon Smalley Cup, which is being held by Mr Dunleavy in the photograph.

The report stated: “This was the first trophy they had won and it was the first time that Grantham members of the Grantham Grass-track Car-racing Club had won one, the club events generally being dominated by outside members.”

Also pictured with Mr Dunleavy and Mr Bainbridge are the three mechanics who were members of the garage staff at Burton’s.