‘Let’s Go’ back to BMARC for their 1950 fund-raising show

BMARC's Let's Go performers of 1950.
BMARC's Let's Go performers of 1950.
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This motley crew were pictured in the BMARC magazine in March, 1950 ahead of their charity show, “Let’s Go”.

The BMARC Concert Party performed in Grantham before agreeing three further performances at the Theatre Royal to help raise money for the Mayor’s Fund. Their efforts raised £1,310.

We’re grateful to Mrs Ann Anderson for sending the magazine, which included a hefty write-up on the story of the show, our way.

Those who took part were: Lord Brownlow, Neville Turner, the Marco dance band, Rosie White, Tich Godber, Will Moyce, George Hurst, Virginia Kendall, Shirley Christopher, Rosemary Dennis, Betty Haythorn, Gordon Cattermole, Jack Berry, Joe Bailey, Sergeant Ward, Dick Ridler, George Chasseaud, Alan Dawrant, Albert Plaumer, Carl Marlow, Jim Kendall, H. Chillingworth, F. J. Cook, Mary Gardner, Lallie Methley, Kathleen Coxhead, Jimmy Eade, Dennis Kendall and Norman Chappell.