Memory Lane: Aveling Barford drew visitors from around the world

An Aveling Barford visitor book.
An Aveling Barford visitor book.
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This recently discovered gem highlights a period when Grantham was at the forefront of manufacturing on a global scale.

Michael Matsell of Redcliffe Road, Grantham, got in touch after saving an Aveling Barford visitor book from being destroyed.

He spotted it about to be tipped, rescued it and now intends to donate it to Grantham Museum.

The entries give a remarkable insight to the international importance the company once had with visitors from Asia, France, Spain, Amman and even a Danish Army Major signing in.

The book covers visitors from September 1977 and runs through to March 1986.

* We appreciate the efforts of those readers who got in touch about last week’s Grantham train station photographs.

We’re particularly grateful to Ted Harvey and Fred Harris who were able to name all of those pictured in the bottom photograph.

Pictured were: ( aboard the train)Mick Guy and Bill Harrison; (standing in foreground, from left) Albert Bellamy, George Bedley, former Mayor Fred Burrows, Roy Veasey, Ken Baines, Bernard Nickerson, Cyril Ballam and Frank Lawson.