Memory Lane: Looking back

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10 Years Ago

* Plans were announced for a new 80-place nursery next to Spitalgate Primary School.

* Only 644 people out of 24,800 eligible voters cast their vote for or against a town council.

* MP Douglas Hogg spoke out against military intervention in Iraq while the Rev Tony and the Rev Chris Andrews voiced concerns.

* Charnia Weightman of Marston became the British bob skeleton champion.

25 Years Ago

* Bob Carolgees and the “Surprise! Surprise!” team were at Belvoir Castle to surprise Stan Stanyard.

* A business owner was forced to shut up shop after thieves broke in and stole more than £15,000 worth of items. Owner Paul Whitworth said: “They took too much for me to carry on.”

* Woolsthorpe Reserves called on veterans after an exodus of players following the previous week’s 15-0 defeat.

50 Years Ago

* “The longest continuing cold spell since the 1890s” brought building work to a standstill causing workers to be set off.

* Grantham champion baker Frank Webster caused a stir with his call for Christmas Day to be on the fourth Sunday in December rather than December 25.

* Three children aged under four were rescued from a house fire in Ryde Avenue, Grantham by neighbours.

100 Years Ago

* “Exceptionally heavy” snowstorms hit Grantham with snowdrifts of several feet being reported. A roadman died near his home in Stroxton after being caught in the freezing weather on his way home from Grantham.

* A train on its way to Grantham crashed at Corby but nobody was seriously injured.

* Grantham Avenue travelled all the way to Peterborough only to be told their game was snowed off.