Memory Lane: Smiles all round on young faces of the class of 1991

Belton Lane School 1991
Belton Lane School 1991
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They say that schooldays are the happiest of your life .. . and judging by the beaming faces in this picture it could well be true.

The cheerful youngsters are posing for a class photograph at Belton Lane Primary School in 1991.

Belton Lane School 1991

Belton Lane School 1991

Among them is Jonathan Gilbert (far right, second row from the top), whose mother Ann brought the picture in to the Journal.

She recalls Jonathan was aged ten at the time and that the picture was probably taken to mark the children’s final year at the primary school when they were in Mrs Woolley’s class.

Mrs Gilbert, of Harrowby Lane, Grantham, said: “As you can see from the picture all the children had a happy time at the school and the teachers were wonderful.

“The head Mr Basin was a lovely, lovely man and I still see Mrs Woolley in the town.”

Jonathan’s brothers Carl, 39, and Dale, 41, also went to Belton Lane and Carl and Jonathan both work at Arraquip Steel at Alma Park, Grantham.

Mrs Gilbert added: “Jonathan keeps in touch with quite a few of his old classmates, and I still see some of the mums from that time as well.”

Jonathan and his mum have put names to the faces in the picture.

They are, back, from left, Dale Smith, Gavin Knox, Ross, Timothy McDonald, second from top, Martin Lowe, Dermott Dolan, Jonathan Gilbert, third row from top, Claire Atkinson, Helen King, Laura Pearl, Eloise Hagues,Kelly Smith, Denise Berridge, front, Lisa Allen, Katrina Crane, Neil Andrews, Linzi Proverow, Emma Williamson, Claire Brennan.

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