Neville has great memories of many years at Aveling Barford

Staff from the tool room at Aveling Barford in 1975.
Staff from the tool room at Aveling Barford in 1975.
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GENTLEMEN from the tool room at Aveling Barford are pictured in this photograph taken on May 9, 1975.

Neville Hickman of Bridge End Close, Grantham, pictured at the very back of the centre of the photo.

Neville believes the get together was in aid of a colleague he remembers known to everyone as “Geordie”, who was leaving the company.

Neville worked at Barfords and has found memories of his time there.

He said: “I enjoyed working there - each and every one of us did.

“Most of us called it “the best ship you would ever want to be one”.”

Neville would cycle from Sewstern to Colsterworth every morning with John Corner, John Yates and Gordon Bryan before they got on the work bus for the factory.

Once there at 7.30am, Neville recalls a great working atmosphere at the factory, arriving for work to be greeted by dozens of colleagues asking how he was.

Some of those pictured include: K. Beck, P. Richardson, T. Dawson, F. Cartwright, J. Grice, F. Leadbetter, G. Henson, A. Cooper, D. Hanley, A. Cox, G. Hall, G. Hanley, R. De Banks, T. Auckland, N. Hickman, D. Mabletoft, N. Green, T. Marshall, A. Clayton, C. Jessop, and J. Cant.