Photos take a tour from Brook Street to the hospital

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THIS collection of photographs and photo postcards was sent in to Memory Lane by Michael Matsell.

The photographs focus on the Manthorpe Road area of the town, particularly focusing on the King’s School and Grantham Hospital.

The first photograph was taken in 1905 and shows Brook Street corner. The colour was clearly added afterwards.

On the left-hand side is a horse-drawn carriage with “Grantham Co-operative Society, St Peter’s Hill” written on the side.

Moving along the road we come to the King’s School. Mike has sent a picture dated December 12, 1904 which shows the opening of the new school buildings at King’s School.

Although the photograph is not the clearest, it is obvious this was a major occasion, with many hundreds in attendance.

We also have an aerial shot, taken more than half a century later, in 1957.

Continuing on our journey we come to a shot of the approach to St Wulfram’s, taken from Manthorpe Road at the junction with Belton Lane. This was a postcard which was originally sent to Florence Robinson of Claypole and was taken in 1905.

The final picture, showing Grantham Hospital, is also a postcard which was sent by a patient to Miss E. Robinson of Claypole.

The photograph was taken in the 1900s.