Post Office drivers stood proud with their medals in 1935

Drivers and supervising officers.
Drivers and supervising officers.
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This marvellous photograph shows drivers and supervising officers of Grantham Post Office way back in 1935.

We’re grateful to South Witham centegenarian George Geeson for sending it in, along with the names of those pictured.

Top row left to right: H. E. Willey, F. Hullott, J. E. Horton, J. G. Richardson, F. W. Leachman, M. Mayes, A. E. Neale, F. Bullock; middle row, from left - A. E. Hallam, F. Hollingworth, W. H. Robinson, M. Cheater, W. H. Marvin, H. Bloodworth, W. L. Loosemore, A. Harrison and M. V. Rowbotton (mechanic); front, from left - R. B. Taylor (assistant inspector), P. R. Grant (assistant superintendent), G. Greaves (head postmaster), T. A. Lewington (overseer) and C. A. Naylor (overseer).

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