Town’s postal workers were great colleagues and friends

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FOLLOWING on from last week’s photographs of town posties in the 1950s, we have these photographs of postal workers, believed to have been taken in the 1960s.

The group photograph shows postal inspectors (from left) Chief Inspector Walter Stretton, Asst Insp Bert Neale, HEO Ron English and Asst Insp Albert Denton.

Former postman Mike Matsell, who took and sent in the photos, said: “Mr Denton was promoted to Chief Inspector when Mr Streeton retired, while Mr Neale worked all his life in the Post Office.

“Mr English was a keen cyclist and was often seen round and about on a cycle or a tandem with his wife.

“They all were excellent inspectors and it was a pleasure to be supervised by them.”

The second photo shows postman Albert Birch, a good friend of Mr Matsell’s during their time working together.

Mike said: “Albert was in my driving group and you could not meet a better colleague.

“He has a brother working in the Grantham office too and he was a Royal Military Postman during the war.”

The final photo shows Arthur Cook putting post through the franking machine.

Mike said: “Arthur was a postman and driver and once was the secretary of the UPW.”