Village side won nine trophies in one season of ‘70s dominance

Woolsthorpe FC had a cracking side.
Woolsthorpe FC had a cracking side.
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WOOLSTHORPE FC were in many ways the dominant Saturday League side of the early ‘70s - no more so than when this photograph was taken in the 1973-74 season.

That year, Woolsthorpe won no less than nine trophies including the Grantham League.

The photograph was sent in by Pete Hoyes who was the team’s centre-half.

He said: “I’ve been asked by one or two mates to put the photo in so everyone who played back then can see it.

“A lot of those pictured went on to play for Harrowby United, St John’s and even Grantham Town.

“I think we won everything going that year and for quite a few years before everyone went their separate ways. They were a good bunch of lads and we had a really good set-up back then.”

A few of the players also went on to play for the East Midlands side, including Gordon Bremner, Mick Clay and Barry Kershaw.

The team is (back, from left) Ray Ablewhite, Alwyn King, Pete Hoyes, Paul Hack, Eric Pashley, Barry Wilmore, Dave Smith, Dave Millard, Ronnie King, Sam Button and Jack Hack; (front, from left) Gordon Bremner, Mick Clay, Barry Kershaw, Trev Walton, Les Whitbread and Graham Hodgkinson.