Villagers got their revenge on critic at Corby Glen Sheep Fair

Lots of fun as had at the Corby Glen Sheep Fair in 1987.
Lots of fun as had at the Corby Glen Sheep Fair in 1987.
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Wilfred De’ath was the star guest at the 749th Corby Glen Sheep Fair in 1987.

Mr De’ath became the most unpopular man in Corby Glen when he slated the village earlier on his Radio 4 show “God’s Acre”. The radio personality described the village as having “pretensions of becoming a market town but never quite made it”.

But Mr De’ath redeemed himself in the eyes of many in Corby Glen by accepting an invite to the sheep fair where he agreed to take his place in the stocks whilst villagers pelted him with wet sponges.

And he became quite a popular draw with people queuing up for their chance to have a turn!

Mr De’ath is pictured in this Journal photograph alongside eager villagers Brian Pick, John Clayton and David Warner - all clearly keen to have a go. Mr De’ath on the other hand, doesn’t look quite so enthusiastic!

Thoughts had soon turned to the 1988 sheep fair and how the village would celebrate the 750th birthday of the event.

Possibly attractions included a parade with floats.

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