Pay a visit to The Gregory to enjoy the perfect pub lunch

Scene Setter : The  Gregory at Harlaxton. 843B
Scene Setter : The Gregory at Harlaxton. 843B
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A PUB lunch doesn’t get much better than this.

With the in-laws in town for the day, I decided to take them up the road to The Gregory pub in Harlaxton. After pointing out Harlaxton Manor - ‘it looks like Downton Abbey’ - we pulled into the car park.

The Gregory looks quite nice from the outside. I’m not too enamoured by the slightly pink tinge to the building but the interior is far more impressive and welcoming.

We visited on a slightly chilly day but a small fire was roaring nicely as we took our seats.

The lunch menu is almost identical in price and choice to the dinner menu, which does make your lunch a little pricey but there is plenty of choice, including a pub classics menu priced at around £10.

Between the five of us we had two orders for fish and chips and three orders of the homemade pie - today it was beef and Guinness.

I had the homemade pie with mash and a gravy boat, priced at £10.50.

But you get plenty for your money!

The pie looked impressive in size and appearance, with the pastry top taken off and placed back on at an angle to give you a great view of the beef and gravy inside.

The mash was excellent, smooth and fluffy, but the in-laws also raved about the chips, saying they were the best they’d had for a good while.

The pie itself was excellent. The pastry was light and crispy while the different sized chunks of beef were delicious. Even the gravy - and I consider myself a bit of a gravy connoisseur - was lovely.

The fish and chips went down equally well. It arrived with a portion of peas on the side while the fish itself must have been almost a foot long.

By the end of the meal everyone was stuffed but I knew the Journal readers would all be asking “what about the desserts?”.

So I took one for the team and called for the dessert menu.

I ordered a pear and ginger crumble with custard. It’s not something I’ve ever seen on a menu before but it was excellent. The pear was soft and sweet while the ginger was a nice compliment without being overpowering.

I did worry that my custard was a little thinner than I usually like but changed my mind once I tasted it.

The in-laws ordered desserts of their own - creme brulee, lemon and lime panna cota and Cointreau chocolate cheesecake - all of which went down very well.

I can’t sing The Gregory’s praises too highly.

The look and atmosphere are also excellent and the place clearly already has an excellent reputation with the locals as it was busy even at 2pm on a Tuesday.

We all left vowing to return as soon as possible.

Review by Neil Graham