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Reader of the Week.
Reader of the Week.
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READER of the Week is John Dawson, 81, of Barrowby.

Name something you associate with Grantham?

Isaac Newton

If you had to be someone else who would you be and why?

I would be Frank Sinatra because he can sing.

What is your favourite memory in or of Grantham?

In 1950 I came out of the army and had a go in the Grantham Sports doing the 100 and 220 yard run, with my girlfriend at the time cheering me on.

Could you tell us a joke?

I’m trying to think of a clean joke.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

My favourite thing is flower gardening, then relaxing in the afternoon.

Word association: I say tomato and you say?


What do you think of the Orrery?

It’s different.