Sunrisers welcomed into Grantham’s Rotary family

Grantham Sunrise Rotary. Photo: Roger Graves
Grantham Sunrise Rotary. Photo: Roger Graves
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It was a historic day for the Rotary movement in Grantham on Thursday when the town’s third Rotary club was inaugurated.

Twenty-four members of Grantham Sunrise Rotary are now fully fledged Rotarians following the breakfast ceremony at the Eden House Hotel on Thursday.

While Rotarians and guests tucked into a cooked breakfast, district governor Ken Billington called up the ‘Sunrisers’ one by one to present their Rotary pins and handbooks.

Given special thanks was Irvin Metcalf, a member of the Rotary Club of Grantham, who, as chairman of the Sunrise steering group, was thanked for his invaluable work in getting it up and running.

Irvin told the Journal: “Small seeds of an idea turn out to be a fantastic opportunity for Granthamians to get involved in helping our communities, whilst having some fun. That is Grantham Sunrise Rotary.

“It has been a privilege to have been the chair of the steering group, helping to set up the new club with the able support of others and a willing group of brand new Rotarians, giving their time and enthusiasm for their community.”

Andre Finney said he is “privileged” to be Sunrise’s founding president, officially welcomed into the role as Grantham Rotary president Mos Kalbassi placed around his neck the chain of office. Andre said that over the next 12 months, the club will establish itself as a “major benefactor to our community through practical help, funding where we are able and project work”.

Mos said Sunrise will “provide Grantham with a great choice of Rotary clubs to suit all lifestyles and timetables”.

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