Union Interiors in Grantham is a real gem

Union Gallery, Grantham.
Union Gallery, Grantham.
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If you have never stepped foot inside Union Interiors in Grantham, then wait no longer.

The gallery, in Union Street, is a real gem that seemingly very few people know about. Not only can you buy stunning furniture, unique artwork and even kitchen gadgets, but also see the work of some truly talented local artists.

Union Gallery, Grantham.

Union Gallery, Grantham.

Hans Calvert owns the gallery, which he describes as a “jewel in the dull mediocrity of cloned modern town retail landscapes”.

He said: “I wish Grantham really knew how lucky they were. I long for people like the council to be interested in what we are trying to do for the local community.

“My joy is when people walk down the stairs and say ‘oh my God’.”

Irish-born Hans, who is also an interior designer, fell in love with the former maltings 10 years ago by chance. He was working in corporate hospitality in London when the building was being renovated having stood derelict for some time. He happened to pass by and look in the window.

Union Gallery, Grantham.

Union Gallery, Grantham.

Hans said: “I looked in and my life changed – I just knew I had to be there.

“Everyone thought I was completely mental and didn’t think I would be able to pay the rent.

“They’ve been eating their words ever since . . . and I’ve always paid the rent on time.”

Hans believes the perception shoppers have is that they would not be able to afford to shop at Union Interiors, but that is not the case. Prices range from £6 to £6,000, with world famous brands stocked including Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Eva Solo and Bontempi.

Work by local artists is frequently on display in the gallery. In fact, the exhibition currently on show features local artists as well as others from across the country.

Entitled “Great British Art and Design”, the pieces are a range of styles, from textiles and rugs to stone and slate. The exhibition will run until Christmas, and Hans would love to see local people take an interest.

The “Great British Art and Design” exhibition will run until Christmas.

Hans also owns The Garden Yard next door.

Both Union Interiors and The Garden Yard are open every day, except Monday, at 10am.

Information, call the gallery on 01476 593388 or visit www.uniongrantham.com