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Club of the Week : Scrabble Club.
Club of the Week : Scrabble Club.
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WATCHING the game of scrabble next to me did not help to ease the feeling that I was going to embarrass myself with my limited knowledge of high scoring words, after all what is a qophs?

Luckily within a few minutes I was offered tuition by founder member of the Grantham Scrabble Club Ron Tyler.

Despite his incredible talent for the game he quickly put me at ease and after being offered tea, coffee and a delicious slice of home-made cake, which they apparently have all the time, I was ready for my debut game against our photographer Toby.

What I wasn’t told was that Toby is practically a professional scrabble player compared to me as he plays every week with his gran!

I got the opportunity to go first but faced with a multitude of consonants I scored low with my three letter word.

Toby hit back strongly more than doubling my initial effort.

Within a few goes we were both scoring better. But it didn’t really matter because the main thing was that we were having a great time.

It is obvious to see why the group of friends meet up every Tuesday night between 7pm and 10.30pm to play.

If you want to go along it costs £2 and you can stay for as long as you would like.

Go along to ChristChurch Hall, in Finkin Street, Grantham, or for more information call Ron on 01476 401623.