£1 million plans for Manthorpe church

St John the Evangelist Church in Manthorpe.
St John the Evangelist Church in Manthorpe.
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There are ambitious plans to build a community centre at 
Manthorpe church after it was bequeathed about £1 million by a villager.

The plans are in the early stages, but the church vicar wants to provide a building for community use and not just for the congregation.

Father Stuart Cradduck, vicar of St John the Evangelist in Manthorpe, said the church was weighing up its options with regard to the community project and was having plans drawn up.

Fr Stuart added: “We were left a substantial amount of money and recognised that in the parish and village of Manthorpe there is no community centre and we wanted to think about how we could address that. We are looking at how best we can better serve the parish and not just the congregation. Some of the money will go into a trust fund, about 10 per cent, to help the people of the parish.”

The Manthorpe plan comes a few months after controversial plans were revealed to spend £5 million on a church hall and education centre in the grounds of St Wulfram’s Church. These plans were put forward following the sale of the church hall and part of the rectory gardens in Church Street.

The St Wulfram’s plans include the construction of a large and small hall, an education centre, a heritage skills centre, a ‘song school’ which would be available to musical groups in the town, and archive space.

If the plan goes ahead it is proposed to build in the south and western areas of the churchyard, towards Swinegate. But there is opposition to the plan from those who consider it will overwhelm the church setting.

Fr Stuart said initial discussions were still taking place on proposals for St Wulfram’s.