£10,000 fine for employing illegal worker at Caythorpe village Spar

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The premises supervisor of the Spar in Caythorpe has been fined £10,000 for employing an illegal worker.

Minutes prepared for a council meeting today (Friday) also reveal that the man, a 34-year-old Pakistani, worked five to six hours a day and was paid £150 cash a week by the supervisor Amir Sohail.

The minutes said: “He said he did not receive a pay slip and food was provided.”

Just over a month ago, South Kesteven District Councillors met to determine whether to remove the Premises Licence from Mr Sohail, that lets him sell alcohol, but instead issued a “severe and final warning.”

Caythorpe residents and their parish council told the meeting of Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Committee that without such sales, the Spar might close.

The meeting minutes further revealed that the illegal worker said he had lived for three months at the premises and had previously worked there two years ago. He worked a few days a week when Mr Sohail was away.

The man admitted he was illegally working and told police Mr Sohail knew he was illegal but Mr Sohail gave a “drastically different” account.

He said business director Mohammed Hussain was responsible for staffing and “The male worked voluntarily and did not serve customers. He was not there permanently.”

The minutes also revealed Lord Giles Radice, a former Labour Shadow Minister, spoke for Mr Sohail.

The minutes read: “He stated that Mr Sohail had admitted his guilt by employing the illegal overstayer and had been fined £10,000 by the Home Office, in his view the crime was being paid for.

“He also stated that the Premise Licence has been held for 13 years without any issues prior to the incident. The shop was a crucial amenity to the area in which it was located and served not just Caythorpe but the surrounding villages.”