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£100,000 spend on on parking inquiry is baffling

Column by King's School Sixth Former Callum Sutton

Lincolnshire County Council have recently highlighted themselves as nothing short of a committee out of touch with the wants of their residents and a council with no brighter plans than to resort to paper pushing.

Their recent announcement to spend £100,000 on an enquiry into parking in the town centre has left many people baffled at where this money has come from and why an enquiry needs to be carried out at all.

Quite obviously, the state of parking can be reduced to two determining factors; the length of time one is allowed to park, and the price of this parking.

Callum Sutton (10893551)
Callum Sutton (10893551)

However, when the enquiry is completed and inevitably highlights these factors as a cause for concern, the council’s hands are tied for a very simple reason. They do not own the majority of parking in the town.

Private companies run the largest parking facilities in the town centre, making money off people who would rather spend it boosting local businesses within the town.

This privatisation problem is further seen in other areas of the town that residents regularly complain about. For example, the hospital.

Grantham Hospital is run by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) who regularly sublet contracted work to private businesses.

When the government promises a boost in NHS spending, the money is first distributed to companies such as ULHT, who then distribute the money to private contractors, who then have the ability to charge extortionate prices for work.

This business of privatisation includes hiring extra ambulances, agency nurses and even building work.

Put simply, if the money went directly to the hospital, instead of being siphoned off through private companies, much more could be achieved.

At least visitors to Grantham can enjoy walking around the newly refurbished council grounds, whilst visiting the many empty shop fronts, and keeping safe in the knowledge our A&E shuts at 6.30pm.

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