£25 charge could be tip of expensive iceberg

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How glad I was to read the words of Cllr Linda Neal in last week’s Journal on the subject of the green bin scheme: “Anyone who does not use the service shouldn’t have to pay for it.”

Well, I have no use for schools, public transport, social services and a host of other council services. So, I shall be looking forward to a healthy Council Tax rebate.

What’s that I hear the council say? “No, no! Those are core services, to which everyone must contribute.”

As one letter pointed out, the green bin scheme is already saving the council £25 per household in landfill costs, so, why are we being asked to pay again?

Cllr Neal alludes to the fact that grant cuts and a council tax freeze have led them to this short-sighted decision.

However, she and Nick Boles MP completely miss the point: the council tax freeze was designed to give the ordinary householder a break from the soaring cost of living. Cllr Neal was right to point out that the bin charge works out as an affordable 50p per week, and that’s not much is it?

But what next? An extra £25 on school meals? £25 more for school buses? £25 for resident parking permits? £350 per year for off-street parking charges for businesses (as they are trying in Nottingham) – a window tax perhaps? If we let the council get away with this, it could be the tip of a very expensive iceberg.

Phill Browne

Via email